Facts About Marijuana


Economic impact

Regulated home cultivation in Florida will create jobs and tax revenue through the opportunities  resulting from industries related to successful plant growing. This would include hydroponic stores, plant nutrients, optional lab testing, sales of greenhouses and other suitable structures as well as other ancillary businesses.  The economic impact of regulated home cultivation and all the resulting business in Florida, can assist with funding the state in some of the most important areas. Home Cultivation creates a new market for these types of sales in Florida, generating tax dollars, jobs, and new career paths for those who can educate others as to best growing practices. Revenue generated in states where marijuana is legal has been made available for infrastructure improvements such as building schools, enriching educational experiences, assisting with homeless outreach and can be made available to provide needed mental health programs.


Social Impact

Regulated adult use of marijuana is showing an amazing and unexpected benefit to states that have passed it. Most importantly, study after study has shown no increase in teen use, and in fact some decrease in use. The numbers are clear that the biggest segment of the population turning on to cannabis is seniors, with the largest increase in use over the past few years. Cannabis has also had a profound effect on reducing opiate addiction, reducing usage by those who need it, decreasing overdose deaths, and cannabis is becoming an exit drug to addiction. Veterans with PTSD are also benefitting from the use of cannabis with a decrease in the suicide rate in legal states. The benefits of marijuana continue to be illustrated in society. People who use marijuana are less likely to abuse their spouses, and get into altercations. Marijuana users generally live a healthier lifestyle. The use of marijiuana has also been shown to result in fewer absences by employees with no negative impact on workplace performance. Regulated adult use of marijuana will help us turn our prisons into profits by reducing arrests for possession of marijiuana.

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